Monday, August 06, 2007


Gay Church in Malaysia ?

Dear Pastors, Bro & Sis,

Gay Church in Malaysia ?

I write this mail to you with a grieving spirit. Some of you may have known about a Malaysian gay being ordained as pastor in USA . His name is Oyoung Wen Feng, a journalist as well as a columnist for Sin Chew Jit Poh, Malaysia .

Oyoung have been wrting articles on Homosexuality since 5 years ago. He spoke on behalf of the homosexuals as well as the lesbians. He claimed that the bible did not say homosexuality being a sin. If you think it is a sin, then you have actually misinterpreted the bible! Over the past years, some writers, including myself, have written several articles to refute him, and were published by Sin Chew. But unfortunately, for the past 2 years, Sin Chew refused to publish our articles!

At first the readers thought that Oyoung was a hero speaking on behalf of the weak. But about one and a half years ago, he openly admitted in his column that he was a gay. And at the same time he published a Chinese book entitled "God Loves Gays". In his book he revealed his story for having sex with a few guys.

Last year, Oyoung divorced his wife of 7 years, claiming that it was a mistake to marry her since he was a gay.

We christians have no platforms to speak against him when Sin Chew refuses to allow us to voice out. Could you believe me? The boss of Sin Chew, Zhang Xiao Qing, is a christian!!! What will be the boss' fate for condoning such an evil? Only God knows!

Could any organization please pressurize Sin Chew? Believe me, evil is looming large in Malaysia if churches in Malaysia ignored his deeds!

Because Oyoung is bringing his senior pastor, Rev. Troy Perry, over to Malaysia to launch a gay church!

On Aug 11 is Q & A time for people who are persecuted as gays and lesbians.

On Aug 12 is Sunday Worship.
Venue: Grand Olympic Hotel, KL.
Co-ordinator: Joseph, 012-2087 949.

News about the meetings was published in Sin Chew on July 29 & 31.

Oyoung thinks this is America , and we could do everything freely like America . He wants to turn Malaysia into another Sodom & Gomorrah . The reason that he is so bold to confront the Malaysian churches because our leaders usually don’t want to be so-called “busybody”!

The consequence is: more people are getting HIV, and souls won by them would head for hell!

A few of us are trying to do something to stop the 2 meetings. You can do your part in these manners: 1) Praying for us. 2) Send an sms to Joseph. 3) Give a call to Sin Chew and speak to the Executive Editor: 03-7965 8888, or

Thank you. God bless you.

Rev Allen Tan

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